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Practice Areas:

Estate Planning
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Probate
  • Estate Planning
Business Law
  • Corporate and Small Business Formation
  • Labor Disputes and Mediation
  • Real Estate Law
  • Non-Profit Entities

David M. Blair practices in following areas of law:

Business Law:

Business law matters includes the preparation and negotiation of contracts, entity formation and tax analysis of commercial transactions.


Property laws govern ownership of both real property (immovable property such as real estate) and personal property (movable property such as furniture).

Wills & Trusts:

A will is a written, signed and witnessed statement, made by an individual, which describes how their property will be disposed of when they die.

A trust is an agreement putting confidence in one person (trustee) to properly manage property held for the benefit of another person, or a third party. I amexperienced with assisting and explaining will and trust drafting to clients. Please call me at 503-406-2610 to discuss our services.


Probate is simply the process of winding up the financial affairs of a person and passing the assets on to his (or her) beneficiaries.

Generally, it is assumed that probate has four parts relating to the deceased:

  1. Collect the assets;
  2. Pay the debts;
  3. Pay the taxes; and
  4. Distribute the balance to the heirs or beneficiaries.
Probate may include admitting a will of the a deceased to the court. A judge, by written order, must determine that the document proposed to be the will, is indeed the last will of the descendent and the property should be distributed accordingly. Under Oregon law, a will is of no force and effect until it has been admitted to probate.

Oregon has a very streamlined and efficient probate system. For the simplest of estates, the total probate cost can be under $1,000. With proper planning and a knowledgeable attorney, you can avoid any probate pitfalls. I am experienced with assisting and explaining probate to clients. Please call us at 503-406-2610 to discuss probate options.

Non-Profit Entities

Non-profit organizations include, but are not limited to, churches, schools, hospitals, social clubs, and trade associations. A non-profit organization is not designed to make profits for private gain, and there is no distrubition of profits to shareholders.

Our society has generally been divided into three sectors:

  1. Governmental;
  2. For-profit; and
  3. Non-profit.
For-profit organizations constitute the business and commercial sector of society and exist for the sole purpose of providing income and profits to their owners.

The governmental sector includes the various departments, agencies and bureaus of the federal, state and local governments in the United States.

The nonprofit constitutes the remaining classification of organizations within our society.

If you are contemplating forming a non-profit entity, I can advise you on advantages and pitfalls of the process. Please call my office at 503-406-2610 if you wish to schedule a consultation regarding this process.

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