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Divorce (Dissolution) in Oregon

What is the difference between contested and uncontested divorce?

Contested divorce generally occurs when both parties are in dispute regarding distribution of their assets and debts, custody matters or support matters. One party files a petition for divorce and is called the Petitioner. The other party files a response to the petition and is called the Respondent. Blair & Vestigo, PC has decades of experience representing both Petitioners and Respondents in divorce matters.

Uncontested divorce occurs when both parties agree on all items in dispute. Agreeing to the terms of your divorce prior to initiating the process can be beneficial from a time, stress and cost perspective. Not all cases fit the criteria of an uncontested divorce. Blair & Vestigo, PC can evaluate your case and point you in the right direction.

What if we have children?

When married parents of minor children file for divorce, this is commonly referred to as a divorce involving a custody dispute. When in the wrong hands, custody disputes can be emotionally draining, time consuming and expensive. Although every situation is unique in a divorce involving custody, three important issues are generally at stake:

  1. Who takes sole physical and legal custody.
  2. Who receives child support and medical support.
  3. The parenting time rights of the non-custodial parent.
A party may only have one opportunity to present a strong case at trial. If they choose to proceed without representation, they may increase the risk of being denied physical and legal custody. The party may be granted limited hours of parenting time and an unfavorable child support award.

At Blair & Vestigo, PC, we help parents fight for sole physical and legal custody by advocating to the court why your children must remain in your care. If you are searching for an experienced custody lawyer, please call and discuss your present situation.

What happens after I file for divorce?

After the Petitioner files for divorce, generally the paperwork filed is served on the other party. When the other party responds they will either agree or disagree with the terms proposed by the Petitioner. Depending on whether children are involved, the parties may be required to attend parenting classes and mediation.

The position many individuals find themselves in after being served with divorce papers is one of anger and frustration. Hiring a divorce lawyer to represent you can be an effective way to deal with these emotions. At Blair & Vestigo, PC, we understand what you are experiencing and will guide you through the process. An effective attorney will help you understand the issues most important to your case. This will allow you to enter the divorce process with a clear mind and understanding of the issues you face.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions regarding divorce or uncontested divorce please call our Sherwood office at 503-655-7199. We offer a no-cost initial telephone consultation.

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